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Manufacturing & Industrial Services Industries

At Lundy Beldecos & Milby, our attorneys have a long history of providing high quality service to clients in the manufacturing and industrial service industries. Operating a manufacturing or industrial concern in the United States is challenging. We counsel and assist clients through many phases of a manufacturing contracts life span. From forming a new business entity, expanding or downsizing, integrating new business units, acquiring or divesting others, or terminating a business, we can help. We have a long history of successfully representing clients in creation of manufacturing contracts affecting all phases of the business cycle.

Effectively representing a manufacturing concern means calling upon multiple disciplines. We have attorneys with experience in corporate matters, manufacturing contracts, employment, real estate, and litigation.

Lundy, Beldecos & Milby’s experienced corporate and real estate attorneys have structured and successfully negotiated a broad range of contracts for a diverse group of manufacturing clients. We represent manufacturers and wholesale distributors of medical devices, construction hardgoods, cosmetics, consumables and other commercial and consumer products at various stages of the supply chain.

We understand how important carefully drafted corporate documents and business contracts are to creating strong and lasting business relationships and maintaining your competitive age in an increasingly difficult global economy. Our goal is to promote and protect the interests of your business to ensure you and your brand are positioned to thrive.

Our litigation attorneys have represented clients in disputes among shareholders, disputes with competitors over improper competitive behavior, troubled mergers and acquisitions and a myriad of other disputes regarding commercial and manufacturing contracts. We routinely assist manufacturing clients with disputes among suppliers, manufacturers, and customers.

Contact us and let us explain how we can help successfully achieve your business objectives at a value you won’t find elsewhere.

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