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Our litigation group has earned a solid reputation for success in and out of the courtroom. We recognize that the definition of success is different for every client and every matter. Yet most clients agree that litigation is stressful, distracting, and expensive.

Our reputation derives not only from our history of success but also from our ability to minimize the stress, the interruption to your business, and the cost of pursuing a successful legal strategy. More often than not, clients are looking for a negotiated resolution to their business disputes. Statistically, well over 90% of all lawsuits are resolved through a negotiated settlement. Yet, far too many lawyers approach negotiation as an unfortunate abandonment of the cause when it should be an important consideration from the very beginning and throughout the resolution process.

Our litigation team has successfully tried cases to conclusion in Federal Courts, State Courts, and various arbitration tribunals including the American Arbitration Association (AAA), Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Service (JAMS), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) (formerly National Association of Securities Dealers or NASD), the American Health Lawyers Association (AHLA) and a number of other arbitration tribunals.

In business, you invest your time and financial resources with the goal of obtaining a positive return on that investment. Our commercial litigation department never loses sight of the fact that your objectives are not checked at the door. Your maximum return on the time and expense devoted to a litigation matter, or the limitation of your exposure, is the primary consideration that guides our strategy and informs our adaptation to changing circumstances.

We are in it to win it. But the client objective is paramount. Every client has different objectives in litigation. Whether it is containing the costs or “win at all costs” we will always pursue the client objective first and foremost.

Often other considerations come in to play such as the desire to contain publicity of the dispute. The best course of action may be to forego traditional litigation and seek an alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) such as mediation or arbitration where the resolution is usually quicker and the proceedings are private.

Whether your claim justifies a “bet the company” litigation strategy, finding the quickest and most inexpensive negotiated resolution, or anything in between, we will partner with you to find the cost-effective dispute resolution that best matches your objectives. The greatest endorsement of our approach to litigation is the client satisfaction that is evidenced by our substantial growth even in difficult economic times.

We have a broad range of experience in business litigation and it is all we do. We stick to what we do best. Nearly all of our business litigation matters involve a contractual or competitive relationship, or relationships, between a business or its owners and vendors, customers and clients, colleagues or other owners of the business, employees or other business.

Our work involves corporate litigation, shareholder and partnership disputes, breach of contract claims, business torts, landlord and tenant disputes, real estate disputes, contractual employment and independent contractor disputes, non-competition agreements, disputed business transactions and a wide variety of other commercial disputes. This type of litigation is nearly all our litigators have done their entire careers and it’s what we know.

Talk to us and let us explain how we can help achieve your objective within your budget.

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