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Creditor’s Rights

At Lundy, Beldecos & Milby, our collections and creditor’s rights attorneys have a track record of getting our clients paid. We represent a variety of creditors in the collection of secured and unsecured accounts receivable. We also specialize in collecting on judgments obtained through litigation and arbitration.

Our creditor’s rights and collections attorneys recognize that clients often do not want to incur significant expense in collecting amounts due. We therefore tailor the collection processes utilized to each individual client’s needs and budget.

Our creditor’s rights attorneys have extensive experience in utilizing the following methods to help our clients recover as much debt as possible:

  • Residential and commercial mortgage foreclosures
  • Actions to pierce the corporate veil, impose successor liability, and reverse fraudulent conveyances
  • Confession of judgments
  • Utilizing discovery in aid of execution, such as document requests and depositions, to discover assets
  • Filing and serving writs of execution to levy debtors’ personal property
  • Bank levies and garnishments
  • Negotiating and drafting forbearance and settlement agreements

Our attorneys also have experience representing creditors in Chapter 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcy proceedings. We have a track record of success in obtaining relief from the automatic bankruptcy stay, securing the payment of post-petition rent to landlords, and securing favorable treatment for our clients in Chapter 11 and 13 bankruptcy plans.

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