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Construction, Architecture & Design

Since we opened our doors, our attorneys have put a special emphasis on keeping an active and full service construction law, architecture, and design law practice. Our attorneys represent independent contractors and businesses at every level of a project’s construction, including property owners, general contractors, developers, material suppliers, architecture and design professionals, subcontractors, and lenders. Our clients come from both public and private developments as well as commercial and residential projects that span the range from the thousand dollar homeowner disputes to corporate project negotiations that have millions of dollars at stake.

Our knowledge of construction law is the result of years of extensive experience in assisting and advising clients in such areas as:


Construction Contract Review and Negotiation

Every project begins with a construction contract. Our attorneys regularly assist clients with the preparation and negotiation of contracts like Design-Build Agreements, Owner-Builder Agreements, Home Improvement Contracts, and Subcontractor Contracts. We assist our clients in drafting project-specific agreements that will meet their unique needs and stay readily available during negotiations to help avoid and mitigate any potential construction law disputes.

Bid Protests

Our construction litigation attorneys are well versed in the complicated, yet necessary, system of bidding for project developments. We’re here to assist in every stage of the bidding process, whether you’re a low bidder being challenged or want to protest a higher bid. Whatever your prosecuting or defending needs are, we have the experience, inside knowledge, and effective strategies that’ll put you and your team on top.

General Contractor, Architect, Design, and Construction Manager Agreements

Every construction project requires a number of independent parties such as the property owners, architects, designers, general contractors, construction managers, and trade contractors. As they come together, each party has their own rights and obligations that are balanced by an intricate web of agreements and contracts. We assist our construction law clients in the drafting, negotiating, and signing of these general contractor, architect, design, and construction manager agreements, along with other mainstay documents in this arena.

Construction Dispute Resolution

From the prior negotiation of a resolution to mediation and onto formal litigation, our attorneys have effectively and efficiently handled it all. Our team of construction, architecture and design specialists have litigated at both the State and Federal court levels, with experience also in private tribunals like the American Arbitration Association. 

Construction Claims

Construction delays are costly. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced construction law team on your side to quickly intervene and resolve the various types of construction claims that can sandbag a project. Our attorneys are equipped to effectively handle such claims including the enforcement and defense of mechanic’s liens, bond claims, stop notices, government code claims, and potential contract disputes that can cause expensive delays in construction. 

Business Formation and Licensing

As with all of our representation of professional individuals and organizations, we regularly assist our construction, architecture, and design clients on drafting the proper entity formations. We also advise clients on how best to stay compliant with local and state licensing laws.

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